How Macy’s Centralized High-Volume Hiring

A few months ago we heard CXR Member, Macy’s, present on their new centralized hiring process for high-volume recruiting. After the room soaked in their presentation – hands shot up. With results like these it’s no wonder:

  • Gave 50,000 hours back to hiring managers by centralizing the hourly hiring process
  • Resulted in 100,000 phone interviews and 55,000 offers in its first year
  • Produced faster time-to-fill, reduced turnover, and fewer openings

Macy’s took the challenge of managing over one million annual job applications alongside the typical high-turnover rate found in high-volume hiring and came up with a process that made a huge impact in its very first year. Blake Witters, Macy’s VP of Recruitment Operations states, “Our goal is to do anything we can to take workload off of our professional recruiting team or off our store leaders and warehouse leaders… anything we can do to improve efficiencies by centralizing operations has been our focus.”

Their centralized hiring plan with a very detailed phone hiring process has been a huge success. They’ve reduced turnover and increased the number of hires made by their team. In fact, they’ve had such success that this year they are expanding the program to new roles and business units. I think it’s a great way to improve the candidate experience by offering a process that is probably perceived (and in fact, likely is) fairer and better. That’s powerful stuff long term, aside from the great results they have already seen.

We asked the Macy’s team to spend some time with CXR Members to talk more about their program and answer questions in a CXR Spotlight webinar. Members can now watch that webinar via the link found in our Talent Acquisition Operations eXchange. [Note you must be logged into the site to access the eXchange.]

Learn more about Macy’s program in this Wall Street Journal article: Yes, You’re Hired. No, We Don’t Need to Meet You First.

Gerry Crispin

Gerry Crispin

Gerry co-authored eight books on the evolution of staffing and has written 100s of articles and whitepapers on similar topics during a career in Human Resources that spans more than 40 years from HR leadership positions at Johnson and Johnson; to boutique Executive Search firms; a Career Services Director at the University where he received his Engineering and 2 advanced degrees in Organizational/Industrial Behavior; and, GM of a major recruitment advertising firm even as he launched CareerXroads 25 years ago.

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