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Should where you work dictate your pay?

Morgan Stanley CEO recently called for employees to come back to the office, stating “If you want to get paid New York rates, you work in New York.” Bringing up some interesting questions around fairness…

Apple says, “You gotta’ come back!”

Apple CEO says employees have to come back to the office 3 days a week and employees aren’t happy while recruiters are enjoying the chance to pull more talent from coveted tech companies.

The Flipside of Video Interviewing

Applicants in “Recruiting Hell” feel the tables should be turned when employers deliver an impersonal and burdensome video interview experience.


Diversity & Belonging

CXR Recommends: Interview with Danielle Monaghan

Love this recent interview by Unleash’s Daniel Richardson with long-time CXR member, Danielle Monaghan VP Global Talent Recruiting & Mobility at Uber. They touch on four key areas and all are top-of-mind topics.

State of Diversity Hiring

Employers have committed to taking action towards more diverse hiring practices, is their intent causing an impact?


Candidate Priority

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