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    Shelia Gray
    My organization is taking a pause in recruiting, so I have been working to renegotiate the contacts on some of my paid sourcing resources that are based on volume or usage.  Is anyone doing anything similiar?  Would like to share strategies.  Just started Linkedin discussions on job slots and Recruiter licenses.

    Happy to set up a call.

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      Gerry Crispin

      Could be really interesting

      I’m a fan. Happy to help



      What I was told by LinkedIn

      Hi – great topic – alongside a lot of other providers, the way in, and extent to which, LinkedIn flexes will drive a lot of future buying behaviour. Right now I am told by them that if have you have an Enterprise agreement there are no deferrals, swap-outs for other products etc. If you have bought product by product there are options to defer, swap and (this was hinted, not explicit) potential reductions. No word on refunds though :). I was also advised that the situation with Enterprise accounts may change and is being reviewed monthly. I’m UK based, so would be interested if this is a status you have seen in the US?
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