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    Chris Hoyt
    I wanted to share this great tip worksheet for doing video interviews on Zoom that was given to me by Brad at Intuitive.  Worth a quick look and even sharing with your teams…
    The copy is included below and you can grab the file as an attachment if you’d prefer.

    Five Tips for a Great Zoom Interview
    We’re excited about inviting you to interview with Intuitive! As you know, we’re navigating unprecedented times—COVID-19 has impacted our communities and business, including our hiring process. To protect the safety and well-being of our employees and candidates, we are conducting the majority of our interviews virtually.

    Your interview will be conducted using Zoom. We’ve created this quick guide to help you as you prepare for your virtual interview. Before you review the tips below, we encourage those who are new to Zoom to watch these short YouTube videos to help you better understand how Zoom works.
    How to join a Zoom meeting
    Joining and configuring audio and video

    1. Know where to look
      One of the challenges of a video interview is knowing where to look. If you look at the person, the camera doesn’t capture eye contact. If you look into the camera, then you may miss the body language or facial reactions of the interviewer. Change where you look throughout the interview for the best experience.

      1. When you are speaking, look into the camera to appear as if you are speaking directly to the person. If it’s helpful, you can pretend it’s a phone interview while you’re speaking.
      2. Look at the screen for cues while the interviewer is speaking.
    2. Create a professional background
      Interviewing candidates by video can be distracting for both the interviewer and candidate. Ensure you have a professional background that isn’t distracting and will keep the focus on the conversation rather than on what is going on behind you.

      1. If you are conducting the interview from your home office, make sure the wall or bookshelf they will see behind you is decorated appropriately. Think like you are staging an office scene in a video.
      2. If you don’t have a home office, set up an area in your home with a professional background, free from distractions, patterns, televisions, noise, etc. A blank wall with a chair and small table works great.
    3. Dress for success
      We encourage hiring managers and candidates to dress as they would for an in-person interview and present themselves professionally and in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident.
    4. Practice, practice, practice
      1. Practice using your webcam and make sure the Zoom application is working ahead of time.
      2. If you’d like to practice using Zoom, you can set up a test meeting via a free Zoom account at This will allow you to practice dialing into the call, setting up your webcam, and checking your professional background ahead of the interview.
        1. As we mentioned above, where you look in an interview is important, so take time to practice asking questions to the camera so you’re prepared on interview day.
        2. If you plan to ask questions and take notes, keep your notes close by so you don’t have to move off camera to write a note down or reference your questions.
        3. If you do need to look away, tell the interviewer you are looking away and share what you are doing. For example, “I’m taking notes so if I look away please know that’s what I’m doing.”
    5. Coordinate your environment
      It’s important to ensure your environment is as free as possible from distractions, interruptions, and noises during your interview. For example, time deliveries appropriately or keep pets in a different space from where you plan to interview from. At the same time, your interviewer will understand that the current environment is unusual and interruptions will not count against you.Given the current environment, many interviewers are currently working from home. We ask for your understanding as there are many potentially noisy and distracting challenges interviewers are currently facing in their remote work environments

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