Drug Testing Changes?

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    I am interested if others have or are exploring changes to their current drug testing policy given the current state we are in.  Are companies considering a pause on drug testing for the next 60 days?  If so, would this be universal for all hires?
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      Chris Hoyt
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      Hi, Todd.

      This was brought up on our first COVID call a few weeks ago in that some companies were in fact putting a hold on the drug screen requirement.  It seemed to be more about the challenge of keeping the collection facilities open than anything else, however.  The same for background checks and courts shutting down or having extensive delays.

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      • Dell Technologies
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      Hi Todd, Yes – at Dell Technologies we have officially put all drug screening temporarily on hold. Of course, it is impossible to tell WHEN we can start again – we are hoping sometime next month.

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      Dell Technologies

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