Covid testing of new hires

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    Curious if any companies have considered covid testing new hires prior to starting onsite…especially if coming from or going to “hot zone” areas.  If so, what’s the reaction been from the new hire?
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      Chris Hoyt
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      Hi, Jennifer.
      We did have a call or two where the topic of testing/screening came up – the closest at that time (~2 weeks ago) was the practice of taking temperatures at the entrance of facilities.  I haven’t heard of anyone executing any type of additional testing other than this level of physical screening so far but I do anticipate that we’ll hear more of these discussions as the back to work talks get more tactical.  It would be very interesting to hear how new hires would be impacted when coming to work and if something other than some basic questions would be used to decide if they should be coming in to work.

      There are some employers that are just using an honor system – asking ee’s to self-id if they have a fever, symptoms, etc.

      Jump on our next catch up call – betting we’ll see more chatter on this day by day.

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      Hello. We’ve discussed this at Lilly, but have not been able to work through the legal hurdles to make this a standard across states.  To date, we have manufacturing operators and scientists on Lilly sites and have testing available to them, but not mandatory.
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