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Time to Fill Metrics – Pharmacists and Behavioral Health

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    Jennifer Pence

    Does anyone have industry averages for time to fill Pharmacists and Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians?

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    Chris Hoyt

    Hi, Jennifer!

    Time to Fill is an elusive metric in any industry – and the more specific you get to roles, the more difficult it gets to nail down.
    We did a benchmark not long ago that might help and where ~12% were healthcare responses.  You might want to check it out here:

    Let me know if some of that detail helps.  I’ve always felt that your best benchmark on Time to Fill/Find/Offer/Accept is against yourself after using something more general (like the above) to just get a baseline expectation started if one does not already exist internally.

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    Gerry Crispin

    Hi Jennifer

    Jeff Lackey at CVS shared this series of podcasts for Pharmacists. It raises several issues.

    – The focus on reaching interns that didn’t intern at CVS at a stage near the end of their internship.

    – The long tail value of creating relevant content that might take significant time converting someone from awareness of your firm to interested in working from your firm…something not captured at all in how it impacts the time to fill metric…imagine seeing these podcasts years before a recruiter cold calls you.

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    Jennifer Pence

    Thank you both!

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