Talent Acquisition Design Thinking: Candidate Diversity

Talent acquisition professionals in any specialty ranging from University Relations to Sourcers to Candidate Experience Directors are working hard to find new ways to enhance diversity and inclusion. We’ve put together and tested the following design thinking exercise to help your TA team consider what matters most to a target candidate.

Using research inspired by a Universum study, the exercise first asks participants to prioritize what is important to their company from an extensive list of elements within the categories of corporate reputation, people & culture, job characteristics, and rewards. Phase two of the exercise assigns teams a specific candidate persona and asks them to do the same exercise through the eyes of that candidate. This exercise can be used for many target candidate groups and is a particularly great way to consider how your organization is providing value to various diverse candidate groups.

This Mind Map Exercise will help your team

  • Identify opportunities to better reach diverse candidates
  • Spark more meaningful brainstorming of solutions to diversity recruiting challenges
  • Develop targeted recruitment brand messaging

Download the CXR Mind Map Exercise

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