The Role of Diverse Slates

Companies are still trying to figure out how to effectively incorporate diverse slates in their process.

Diverse slates offer organizations an excellent strategy for attracting and ultimately hiring a more diverse candidate pool. That’s not particularly surprising or new — but it’s worth stating because companies are still trying to figure out how to effectively incorporate diverse slates in their process.

A recent post on our CXR Community Forum about diverse slates prompted some great conversation among CXR peers. As a way to continue the conversation, we’ll be hosting a Diversity Slates Discussion for CXR Members and Alumni next week. This is a great opportunity to benchmark with your peers and share your own solutions.

Diverse Slates in Action

A recent interview by McKinsey & Company with Ares Management’s Chief DEI Officer, Indhira Arrington, highlighted their strategy for diverse slates. After identifying a gap in diversity at the job seeker and qualified-candidate level, they set out to implement diverse slates at the first-round interview stage. Arrington shared that in the United States, “we require a minimum of four candidates in first-round interviews, and at least half must be diverse.” This policy is credited as carrying a meaningful impact on their overall DEI strategy.

Check out the full interview here. Register and learn more about our Diversity Slates Discussion here.

Barb Ruess

Barb Ruess

Barb's career in marketing and branding started with one of the very first job boards and has been focused on career search/talent acquisition in one way or another ever since. She has worked with CXR practically since its beginning and wears many hats from meeting planner to communications to marketing strategy and more.

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