The Devon Group Invites You to This Exclusive CXR Event

January 25, 2024
11:00am to 12:00pm (CT)

Join the CareerXroads community for this interactive opportunity to learn how to take your presentation skills (both online & in-person) to the next level.

Public speaking is nerve-racking for most people and often is named as the one thing people fear the most. Our guest lecturer, Michael Diederich, will share practical tips for learning to present, ranging from powerful body language, speaking with passion, and how to connect with your audience.  In addition to sharing useful insights, Michael will take you on fun exercises, making this an enjoyable, bold, and highly interactive session.

These monthly lectures are usually reserved for CXR Corporate and Solutions members, so take advantage of this The Devon Group sponsored offer and join hundreds of other recruiting practitioners and leaders who have already RSVP’d to attend.

About the speaker: Transforming how businesses think through improvisation, Michael Diederich helps teams and individuals improve themselves, making them better at their jobs, and better colleagues. He teaches people techniques that belong in everyone’s skill set. Team building, innovative thinking, inspirational leadership, public speaking… the advantages are endless!