Design Thinking for Recruiting Challenges

Approaching recruiting challenges as a design problem

As talent acquisition practitioners, we navigate the complex needs and desires of our hiring managers and candidates on a daily basis. We’ve implemented cutting-edge technology and revamped processes, but recruiting challenges persist. 

This month at CXR, we’re focusing on the concept of design thinking and how to approach recruiting challenges as a design problem. We’re hoping to build energy around this methodology, where every team can play a role. From redesigning marketing messages to streamlining operations, it’s all hands (and minds) on deck in design thinking.

What is design thinking?

IDEO – a leader in design thinking methodology – defines design thinking as  “a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” 

Examples of design thinking

A recent article by Josh Bersin shares stories from major organizations that are working to make their organizations “irresistible by design.” From employee-led design at LEGO to a grass-roots approach to diversity and inclusion at L’Oreal, the article is well worth a read.  

How to learn more

CXR Members should check out the recording and deck from our recent Design Thinking Workshop. This workshop included case studies illustrating how the instructor has successfully used design thinking to solve recruiting challenges. Visit the CXR Library for more.

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Barb Ruess

Barb's career in marketing and branding started with one of the very first job boards and has been focused on career search/talent acquisition in one way or another ever since. She has worked with CXR practically since its beginning and wears many hats from meeting planner to communications to marketing strategy and more.

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