CXR Talks Talent: Job Descriptions

We’re excited to introduce a new podcast series where Chris Hoyt, President of CXR, and Lars Schmidt, Managing Director of our Talent Management Community, explore talent management & talent acquisition issues. First up? Job Descriptions.

At this year’s CXR Employment Branding Meeting, Chris notes “No matter what we were talking about, job descriptions came up during every single exercise. Diversity & inclusion… communications… what’s keeping you up at night? In all of them, the conversation just kept turning to job descriptions.” There’s definitely plenty to discuss on this topic but Chris & Lars limited themselves to focus on a few examples of what’s working and what’s not.

Check out this broadcast, and others in this series, on the CXR Podcast site. Listeners can now subscribe on both Spotify and iTunes!

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This podcast is the first in a series where Chris & Lars will continue talking about job descriptions along with other challenges that our membership is facing on a daily basis. Have something you’d like to hear them talk about? Let us know!

[It’s time to humanize our job descriptions]


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Barb Ruess

Barb's career in marketing and branding started with one of the very first job boards and has been focused on career search/talent acquisition in one way or another ever since. She has worked with CXR practically since its beginning and wears many hats from meeting planner to communications to marketing strategy and more.

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