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CXR Recommends: Why belonging is such a big business issue

Josh Bersin’s insights emerging from recent conversations with CHROs at the 20,000-foot level are a must-read. His research is uncovering that belonging might just be the most critical diversity measurement of them all. We are also struck with the perspective this brings to the pioneering efforts of a few employers who aspire to create a true ‘community’ environment.

We recommend taking the time to read both his article and the larger scale report titled The Big Reset which highlights case studies and research around how companies have responded to the pandemic.

[Read: Why Belonging is Such a Big Issue in Business Today]

What Bersin’s whitepaper does is offer a new model recognizing the importance of and encouraging a feeling of Belonging. His statement, ‚ÄúDiversity is a Strategy; Inclusion is a Goal; Belonging is a Feeling,” will be quoted often in the future. There is a lot to unpack here for both Talent Management and Talent Attraction but this isn’t just a change in degree, it is a complete change in kind that will impact organizational structure, leadership style, approaches to internal mobility and much more.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion eXchange. If there’s enough interest, we’ll approach Josh about doing a CXR webinar to discuss.

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