CXR Recommends: the new CXR Foundation

CareerXroads launches a new non-profit aimed at helping the industry improve communities everywhere.

We’ve officially launched the new CXR Foundation: A certified non-profit with the mission of creating and publishing standards, guidelines, awareness, and advocacy that advances the talent industry.

We are looking to foster and cultivate a community of volunteers and members within the fields of talent acquisition and talent management that are ready to make a positive impact and truly drive change. To say we’re excited about the potential of this group is an understatement. 

Early Foundation projects underway

We already have some great projects in the works from the Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters effort that launched earlier this year and has now been folded in the CXR Foundation, to Project One – a concerted effort to enlist employed talent professionals to dedicate themselves to having just one conversation with just one job seeker for less than just one hour – in an effort to make all the difference for one industry peer.

And we’re looking to go bigger and bolder. Check out this recent post about systemic bias as an example of just one of the issues we plan to address.

Let’s make a difference together

We can make a difference. Some of you are already working on solutions on your own but what we can do collectively far outweighs any individual investment. What will it take for us as an industry to agree on a minimum standard for ‘what good looks like’ for each of these? Coming together as a single force.

The CXR Foundation believes we can move the industry substantially if even a small subset of practitioners, consultants, service providers, trade associations, professional associations, and analysts are willing to devote time, roll up their sleeves, get beyond their company agenda, and weigh in as a collective force. Together we can forge agreement and underwrite the cost of making our conclusions known and arm our peers and colleagues to step up.

Learn more about our plans & how to join us.

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Gerry Crispin

Gerry Crispin

Gerry co-authored eight books on the evolution of staffing and has written 100s of articles and whitepapers on similar topics during a career in Human Resources that spans more than 40 years from HR leadership positions at Johnson and Johnson; to boutique Executive Search firms; a Career Services Director at the University where he received his Engineering and 2 advanced degrees in Organizational/Industrial Behavior; and, GM of a major recruitment advertising firm even as he launched CareerXroads 25 years ago.
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