CXR Recommends: List of Best College Career Placement

What is a "good" school if its graduates have trouble finding work?

There are plenty of “Best of” lists when it comes to colleges. Perhaps the most telling of them all are the ones that track how successful graduates are at finding work. It’s not always something high on a prospective student’s list of requirements – but we think it should be.

One of the things the pandemic has caused families to re-consider is the cost and benefit of higher education. It’s a worthwhile question to be certain – particularly when thinking of future employment.

This list is an interesting one to review and we have to wonder how many of you are actively working with these career placement offices to recruit their students. It also makes us wonder what other schools are doing a solid job in preparing their graduates or, supporting their alumni, in job prep and career coaching? Surely this list isn’t exhaustive.

What is a “good” school if its graduates have trouble finding work once they’re out in the world? 

Read more from the source GOBankingRates: 7 Colleges with the Best Career Placement, Published by: Andrew Lisa

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