CXR Recommends: Hiring at Scale during the Great Resignation

Let's talk about how to win the battle for talent in this crazy recruiting market

Alternate title: Let’s talk about how to win the battle for talent in this crazy recruiting market

Johnny Campbell’s recent LinkedIn post: The Great Resignation – a battle for talent on two fronts, hits on a topic we’re all talking about. Of all the bullets Campbell highlights, this one is the one that gives us the most concern: Global employee engagement rates are at a dismal 20%.

Low engagement reflects not only a reason for people to leave but is also the underlying driver for employees who remain to form a 21st-century union. Yet in the face of all of these statistics, most leaders are like deer in the headlights…immobile.

That’s why we’re recommending the event our friend Johnny Campbell and the Social Talent team are hosting on November 18th: Hiring at Scale during the Great Resignation. There are some great voices on the panel (including CXR member Danielle Monaghan from Uber). We really appreciate the fact that they are hoping to focus the discussion around practices to tackle challenges in this uniquely challenging market. Check out the event here.

I was recently chatting with my friend Steve Mair, the VP of Talent Acquisition at Procore, about the phenomenon of The Great Resignation, and he said to me: “if you had told me the market would be like this two years ago, I would have said it was unfathomable.” No-one could have predicted this level of volatility.

Johnny Campbell, Social Talent

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