Top 3 Reasons you should expand your profile in the CXR Vendor Database:

  1. Get exposure where you need it most: A premium profile lands in front of talent leaders – those with buying power – who are using the CXR Database to research purchase decisions.  
  2. Make your voice heard: Vendors used by the CXR Community are automatically included in the Vendor Database. Those without a premium profile only have basic information & community reviews. When you expand to a premium profile, you get to expand your message and depth of content. And that allows you to make a better impression. 
  3. Join a community effort: This isn’t a catalog of every vendor in the talent space. It isn’t a pay-to-play list of highlighted vendors. This is a database of vendors valued by the CXR Community. Our members pick the lists and constantly add reviews for each other. When you expand your profile, you’re participating in a community-generated resource and showing the community that you are engaged. 

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About the CXR Vendor Database

CareerXroads is a talent community where leaders from global companies collaborate and engage on a full range of talent acquisition & talent management topics. Our members share on many levels including reviews of all their technologies, services, resources and partners. Those reviews are shared in the CXR Vendor Database, a resource our members use when considering purchase decisions and researching options.

Highlights of this member-inspired resource:

  • The directory is a vetted list of tools – tech, resources, etc. that are used by our members and a few we believe that our CXR members need to know about.
  • Each expanded profile gives members a direct link to your sales team as a contact to learn more.
  • This independent assessment will be available to the public through promotion to our extensive industry networks (with the exception of CXR member ratings and reviews). 

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