CXR Open/Public eXchanges

CareerXroads is a thriving community of talent professionals from around the world.  Our eXchanges consist of both open and closed (paid) forums where peers collaborate with each other to help raise the standards and delivery levels of their craft.  The below eXchanges are open to the public for free.

If you’d like to create your own eXchange, click here.  You can make it private, invitation only (workgroups and projects), or use the chatbot on our site to request that it be listed here.

Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing

This exchange is geared towards best practices, benchmarking and overall sharing knowledge and resources for diversity recruiting and sourcing ...
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Health Care Recruitment

A place for Health Care Talent Acquisition Professionals to connect regarding topics related to our industry ...
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Privacy (GDPR and more)

Challenges and issues surrounding how candidate and employer data are managed ...
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Recruiting in EUROPE

Sharing insights, trends and examples of how attract top talent during times of ambiguity, change and a candidate market ...
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Technical Recruiting

All things related to tech recruiting – whatchoo got? ...
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Let’s talk about Workday – the good, the bad, and the ugly ...
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