CXR Meeting Coins

CXR is a community of recruiting and talent leaders that care about their colleagues and peers as much as their industry and this is never more evident than when CareerXroads members attend our annual colloquim meetings.  Members that do attend a meeting in person are awarded a CXR Challenge Coin (that comes with all the benefits of a military challenge coin!)  It’s our own way of tipping our hat to veterans everywhere while saying “Thank you.” to our members that take time from their busy schedules to pay it forward within the CXR community.

Here, our members can use the virtual version of their coins to easily re-connect with their colleagues that attended each meeting.

CXR Alumni
CXR virtual Alumni, Friends & Family Coin

2019 Talent Acquisition
An opportunity to go beyond the numbers to discover the insights the numbers tee up and the decisions they affect.

2019 Leadership
A special opportunity for TA Leaders to step away from the office and collaborate with each other on issues facing talent acquisition today and tomorrow.

2019 Executive Recruiting
Our 119th Colloquium Meeting provided a unique opportunity to network and discuss what’s working and what’s not when recruiting for hard-to-fill leadership roles.

2019 Sourcing
Our 118th CXR Meeting was a special opportunity for sourcing experts to network and share tricks of the trade.

2019 Early Career
Our annual College Recruiting Colloquium gives leaders in this space an excellent opportunity to network and share the unique challenges and opportunities facing this niche recruiting area. Discussions and exercises will cover the full range of university recruiting.

2019 Employment Branding
A CXR Colloquium Meeting focused on how employment brand strategy can align, attract, deliver and retain quality candidates. Credibility, transparency, the impact of your employer’s brand and more were all up for discussion.

2019 Operations
Often called the engine that powers TA systems, technology, vendor relations and practices – there’s a lot to discuss and share around Operations.

2019 Stakeholders Experience
Exploring the experience of Candidate, Hiring Manager & Recruiter Candidate Experience has been a hot topic in recent years but it’s time to broaden our horizons.

2019 Recruiting Technology
The NEW Emerging Recruiting Technology consisted of our standard member sharing opportunities and interactive exercises alongside a special tech demo component with a dozen member selected vendors.

2019 Innovation & Automation
The exploration of new and innovative approaches to talent acquisition, specifically around new tech and tech performance, the status of recruiting automation and changes on the horizon.

2018 College Recruiting
A meeting to dive deep into conversations around the most critical pipelines and your future leadership talent. Whether your focus is a broader range of early hires, graduating seniors, interns or graduate degrees like MBAs – we broke down your toughest challenges and newest tools.

2018 Sourcing
It’s about the hunt. It’s uncovering leads, finding prospects and keeping them warm. At this meeting, we dive into the latest tricks of the sourcing trade.

2018 Branding & Marketing
Branding is about the power of a recruitment strategy at every level to align, attract, deliver and retain quality candidates. It’s the heart of every employer’s authentic self and a nightmare when it fails to be credible and transparent.

2018 Automation & Innovation
A meeting to explore new approaches to talent acquisition. To answer the question: How are new recruiting technologies really performing. And to talk about what’s on the horizon. All new topic!

2018 Leadership Meeting
A unique opportunity for leaders to openly spend time sharing with peers charged to build, execute and lead TA.