CXR Community Resources

Benchmark research. Vendor reviews. Podcasts. Videos. Resources in the CXR Library are more than just a collection of files. They rise out of a community of leaders in talent acquisition & talent management. These resources are the result of what happens when a community comes together to raise the bar of the talent profession. 

  • Member-generated and member-inspired 
  • Timely & topical
  • Available in different formats so you can learn in the ways that best fit you
  • Recorded development opportunities so you can more easily share with your team

CXR is a true community that leverages its depth of resources to promote authentic conversations and knowledge sharing. 

Why should you join the CXR Community?

You won't find a better network for you & your team to develop, collaborate and raise the bar.

We're asking what you think about "going back to work".

This quick survey is the result of our members asking what others are, or aren’t, worried about as return-to-workplace strategies begin to kick off.