There’s a lot going on in the CXR Community! We’ve outlined a few tips to help you & your team leverage our resources and get the most from your CXR Membership. We always love to hear from our members so if you have any questions about your membership, how to use our site or just want to say hello – drop us a line:!

First stop: the CXR Discussion Forms

The Community Forums are a group of message boards focused on key talent topics. Here you’ll find active conversations in Operations, College Recruiting, Internal Mobility, Diversity and more! The forums give you an opportunity to gain insights and quick benchmarks from your fellow members. Once you are logged in, all you have to do is click into a forum to join. A few key tips:

  • When a forum is labeled [CXR cohort] then you know it’s a members-only forum – your safe place for any & all conversations.
  • There are forums for all of our core focus areas within talent and there’s no restriction on how many you can join. 
  • Be sure to subscribe to receive posts in your inbox. 

Now let's get to know each other a little better...

CXR Meetings are probably our most popular resource – and no wonder! Who wouldn’t want to come together with other awesome talent professionals ready to share, learn from each other, build their network and develop new skills?! We have a LOT of meetings in which you can participate and we hope to see you at many of them! 

CXR Meeting FAQ

  1. How do I attend a meeting? Go to the events page, find a meeting that interests you and register to attend! All of our meetings are available to CXR Community Members. Please note: In-person events are available only to paying members of the CXR Cohort.
  2. I tried to access a meeting but the site says I don’t have access, what do I do? Make sure you’re logged in so the site recognizes you as a member.
  3. What should I expect? Whether you’re attending a Workshop, a Solutions Showcase, a Meeting or a CXR Connects Webinar – you should always expect a high level of interactivity. Come with an open mind, ready to share your experiences and learn from others. You’ll also leave with some new connections. 

Up next: the CXR Library

The library is a treasure trove of information with everything from research reports to recordings of digital meetings. You’ll definitely want to get your bearings in the library and visit it often as you’re looking to learn and develop. There are hundreds of files in the library and you can sort them by category, topic or even format so if you just want to listen to podcast episodes, you can pull up all of them. 

(Speaking of our podcast did you know you can follow it wherever you listen to podcasts? Just search for careerxroads and subscribe today!)

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Now that you're comfortable...

Take some time to click and explore. Hop into the Vendor Directory to see what vendors your fellow members are loving – and leave a review while you’re there! Visit the Research & Reports section and take any open surveys that apply to your area. Dig deeper into your profile and make some connections on the site. Remember, we’re a community and the more you give – the more you get out of it!

Finally, a note about email deliverability

We keep you posted with regular emails about events, updates to site resources, our monthly newsletters and more. But those updates and reminders only work if they make it to your inbox! 

Here are some tips to help our emails get to you:

1. Add our from email address to your email address book. This tells the inbox that it should expect to receive emails coming from CXR. We send emails from:,,,,, and

2. Mark CXR as an approved sender

  • Gmail users—move us to your primary inbox. On your phone? Hit the 3 dots at top right corner, click “Move to” then “Primary” On desktop? Back out of this email then drag and drop this email into the “Primary” tab near the top left of your screen
  • Apple mail users—tap on our email address at the top of this email (next to “From:” on mobile) and click “Add to VIPs”
  • Outlook mail users—Right-click on the message in your inbox. Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu. Then, click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List”.

3. Open and click a link in the next CXR newsletter you receive.

This tells the inbox to trust emails coming from CXR addresses. An email client is always learning; if you continue to open and click on our emails, the email client will learn to accept those emails in the future.

4. Ask your IT team to whitelist our domain: