Creative Approaches in Healthcare Recruiting

CXR's members in healthcare gathered last month to discuss their current recruiting challenges and creative approaches to recruiting.
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Last month at CXR’s Healthcare Recruiting Meeting, our CXR members in healthcare gathered to discuss their current recruiting challenges and the creative approaches they’re taking to overcome them. We’ve highlighted some of their methods below.

With brand awareness being a challenge for many, some organizations have shifted their focus to developing more compelling job advertisements. With fierce competition within the healthcare industry, standard job descriptions aren’t cutting it. At BAYADA, they’re working to give candidates a better sense of how they’ll add value and find purpose in the role.

At one organization, their Returning Citizens Program provides opportunities to those with prior involvement in the criminal justice system. To set these hires up for success, training was provided to hiring leaders, and employees received coaching and check-ins from community partners.

College partnerships remain a crucial component for healthcare recruiting, with many organizations working to build a strong pipeline of new grads and provide nurse extern programs.

At another organization, they’ve developed a 16-week program for training nurses who lack acute care experience. With this program, they’ve been able to tap into a larger subset of nurses who previously didn’t qualify for hospital roles.

From employee referral programs to hiring military spouses, our Healthcare Recruiting Meeting covered many creative approaches. Check out the entire meeting replay here.

If you’re a CXR member in healthcare, be sure to join the Healthcare Recruitment group in CXR’s Community forums.

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