Work Out Loud – Week of 10/18/21

  • Work Out Loud – Week of 10/18/21

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  • Chris Hoyt

    October 19, 2021 at 7:26 am Company: CXR

    Community Quote of the Week

    “Weak ties, on the other hand, force us to communicate from a place of difference, to use what is called elaborated speech (…) True interconnectedness rests not on texting best friends at one a.m., but on reaching to weak ties that make a difference in our lives.”

    – Meg Jay

    Welcome Home!!

    It’s helpful to welcome home both new and newly registered members to the CXR community. Please take a second to say hello to @wilsonheather (Heather Wilson) from Quantum Health, @MartinHoward of Optum, @aredmond (Aliya Redmond) of Deloitte, @SolanoP (Paloma Solano) of Corning, @jglasena (Jackie Glasenapp) from Polaris, and @stephaniep93 (Stephanie Pereira) from Edward Jones! Take a moment to click on their profiles and connect, follow, or chat with them directly here in the community.

    Who Will You Meet?

    Every few weeks we ask the question of: “Who will you meet this week?” If you’re new to the whole thing, it’s simple. Everyone (not just the new folks) looks ahead and reflects on one stakeholder or business partner they plan to connect with or have just met. Whether it’s sharing lunch, a coffee, or a walking break (back in person?), or a virtual chat… we know that building these relationships with those who gain value from your efforts and expertise is critical to success and even getting new programs to the next level.

    But don’t worry… there’s still the old “TLDR” (aka: I’m too busy for that) option below. Keep reading…

    This week I’m meeting with:

    1. The head of to recap how our last two guest speakers have gone and to discuss if there is an appetite for us to set up something regular for our virtual and live meetings next year.
    2. I’m connecting with @steven-rothberg of this morning on a live podcast to talk about how recent social challenges and unrest has had an impact on college recruiting in the long-term.
    3. We have a team meeting this week where we’re discussing some exciting updates for meetings, our platform, and member benefits in ’22. (okay, that one is sort of cheating but I am pretty excited about it.)

    So who are you meeting or have you recently connected with?

    And as for the TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) version… if you don’t have time to share this much detail, just hit reply and pick a GIF that shares how you’re feeling this week in regards to your last meeting with a colleague or internal client at work!

    Here’s mine…

  • Grant Clough

    October 19, 2021 at 9:42 am Company: Cherry Bekaert LLP

    We’re anxiously awaiting the expiration of campus offer deadlines this week and next. Also, being at a new company I seem to meet someone new every day.

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