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Testing is once again on the rise. A good thing too since it appears that there is a new inherent danger: letting Line Managers select candidates even when (and especially when) test data is available. Writing in HR Executive, Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management and director of the Center for Human […]

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TalentRocket is a UK Job Board with a bit of a twist. Lots of startups are featured in their news feed. Oddly the newsfeed author spends no time at all describing the ‘work’ of the featured employer and instead focuses on their location, coolness of the office space, amenities employees can take advantage of and […]

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Jeremy Shapiro, Exec. Director and Global Head of Talent Analytics at JP Morgan, moderates a LinkedIn group for quants, Measuring Human Capital. His latest post and link to the 2015 Data Science Salary Survey is well worth the time spent unless you’ve given up on trying to understand why your comp experts can never get […]

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When an employer can say “This is exactly what you can expect from us [in return for x]” and then deliver on it, the candidate’s rating of their experience will skyrocket… even when they aren’t hired. So, it makes sense to let the candidate know what will happen if they were to apply or if […]

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April 1, 2015 – the date applications opened 233,000 – The # of H1B applications received in the first 7 days 85,000 – The # of H1Bs granted by lottery in 2015 (65,000 foreign workers and 20,000 foreign students graduating with advanced degrees in the US) $60,000 – The salary an employer must pay to […]

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It’s the Customer’s Context not the Employer’s Content that Makes the Difference After examining the website staffing pages for each company on Fortune magazine’s 500 “list”, we concluded that the promise of internet recruiting for the job seeker is still more smoke and mirrors than reality. The candidate experience of the recruiting process on the […]

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