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Immigration hiring is an increasing challenge for multinational employers trying to source talent that can cross borders (externally or internally). CareerXroads felt the timing was appropriate to look at the difficulties CXR members are having and recently we asked a few questions of our members. While individual ‘company’ responses in this newly published research report […]

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In 1999 I went to a SHRM Board meeting during a Leadership conference in DC and found myself sitting next to the then VP of Texas Instruments (now retired). Great conversation. A few hours later I went into the main session early and spotted the same VP on the stage practicing for his talk on HR […]

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In 2017 CareerXroads will conduct nine colloquium meetings for our members.  Each year our topics are determined by votes and feedback from our current membership and while some topics such as Sourcing, Analytics and Operations have become staple events within our annual agenda, there are some upcoming additions and changes to our meeting makeup. New in […]

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One of my cousin’s daughters had to choose between scholarship to the Stern School of Business for Math and the Julliard School for Cello. She chose Stern. Today she manages a team of Techies for a large bank- building incredibly complex financial algorithms. She might have been playing beautiful music in an orchestra. Her choice. Life’s […]

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Industry leaders and well-branded employers are increasingly bringing their executive recruiting inside and using internal resources coupled with the latest emerging technologies to seek and manage the relationships at, and beyond, director level candidates. What hot issues are in front of leading executive recruiting teams? The challenges executive recruiters face going forward stretch well beyond the […]

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Last year California, our favorite ‘Bellwether State”, seriously considered making it illegal for recruiters to ask candidates their current salary before making them an offer…or not. It went nowhere (although they did shift the burden of proof to the employer to prove they weren’t discriminating vis-à-vis pay equity) They lit the fuse. A CareerXroads post […]

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Seldom, fortunately very seldom, there is an actionable moment where we need to step up and cut our losses or defend someone unfairly charged. This is one of them. The Wounded Warrior Project, for all its good work over the years, is facing serious charges of abuse and, either fielding those charges poorly, or delaying the […]

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In graduate school we studied (and had plenty of time to calculate by hand) Type 1 (Alpha) and Type 2 (Beta) errors. Translated into Talent Acquisition these errors could be described as follows: Type 1: “What is the probability that you rejected a candidate who would be much more successful than the hire you did […]

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Improving diversity and inclusion is a goal for talent acquisition teams of all sizes. Throughout the year, the CXR Community has worked through exercises and discussions designed for improving diversity and inclusion. We’ve included the top member recommendations here. We’re also sharing the details of an exercise designed to help organizations identify where they should […]

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