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What a year 2017 was for CareerXroads and its members!  With more meetings than before, more member companies than ever, higher volumes of content, our 100th colloquium meeting, an immersive trip to learn about recruiting practices in Japan, and innovative new meeting strategies, we couldn’t have asked for more.  Except, that’s exactly what we’re doing […]

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When it comes to learning another culture, whether it be work or personal, I believe it’s beneficial to go “all in.”  That’s why CareerXroads recently partnered with China Gorman and Nanda Journeys for an adventure in recruiting professional development and cultural immersion in Japan.  With China Gorman and Gerry Crispin putting together an intimate roster […]

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Still pulling together and processing great content from our recent trip to Japan as part of an educational HR delegation. We were happy to get Angie Verros and Gerry Crispin on the line to talk about one of the topics that kept coming up throughout our adventure: Lifetime Employment. [Listen to the podcast.] In this […]

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  Image Credit:cegoh / Pixabay A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being accompanied to Japan by some of the greatest talent professionals in our industry. All I can say is WOW. Just WOW! Aside from the beautiful places that we were able to visit during our HR Japan Delegation journey under the […]

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At each CareerXroads event throughout this past year, Chris and I had at least one exercise probing the state of recruiting practices that target greater inclusion of protected classes like race, gender, age, veterans, disability, sexual orientation and…well beyond compliance. Several themes emerged. Balancing core culture ‘fit’ and valuing differences is an oft-told tale few […]

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Tapping into alumni recruiting has long been a strategy of many companies.  So while 50% of CareerXroads member companies have had alumni programs in place for at least 10 years (with only 10% having programs for less than a year) the most effective way to leverage these employee communities seems to remain a challenge that […]

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“High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion: Maturity Model and Top Findings” was recently published by Bersin by Deloitte analysts, Stacia Garr and Candace Atamanik. The announcement noted six principles that are key to creating a more inclusive organization based on surveys and interviews with key players.  From the overview, “This report focuses on establishing broad D&I ownership, […]

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CareerXroads research tackles questions like: Are large companies moving away from pre-employment drug screening?  Do enterprise organizations seem to be trending away from spending more money on branding agencies?  How are your peers addressing internal mobility at their firms? CareerXroads works with members to research and benchmark through both public and members only (login required) surveys. […]

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At CareerXroads we frequently hold online meetings with our members to discuss hot topics of interest.  Recently, we conducted a webinar focused on military and veteran recruiting programs that included over 60 different companies and members – many of whom opened up to share both the highs and lows of their own veteran and military […]

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