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Forthcoming 2015 Talent Board candidate experience research confirms that social recruiting has been growing on the employer side over the past few years. For employers, the following are considering “differentiating” when it comes to engaging job seekers prior to applying: LinkedIn Pages (Job/Career Specific) – 56% LinkedIn Groups (Job/Career Specific) – 37% Twitter Feeds/Notifications (Job/Career Specific) […]

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Struggling with how to differentiate your Employer Branding?  Struggle no more – this Generic Solution is at hand and should tuck away nicely in to any Brand Manager’s toolbox! This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve from Dissolve on Vimeo.

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London, December 1. The TalentBoard celebrated 37 EMEA employers who won the Candidate Experience Awards. Kudos to Leigh Carpenter, the TalentBoard’s EMEA Director, and his volunteer council- especially to Wolfgang Brickwedde in Germany who encouraged many employers in that region to participate. Congrats to those fearless employers whose candidate ratings establish the European ‘standard’: Accenture […]

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We’re normally not fans of lists curated by any one person and especially if that person’s role is to market a Talent Acquisition startup. However, in this case Ben Slater, a UK Startup CMO (Beamery), put together a year-end list of his favorites- 20 top articles that we actually liked and read. The authors include […]

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If you haven’t seen the series of commercials highlighting “Owen.” GE’s newest programmer, you are missing an entertaining and innovative approach linking GE product and employment branding. This excellent post by Tim Sackett at Fistful of Talent offers his take on the ads and demonstrates why they are going viral. We would be shocked if […]

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When an employer can say “This is exactly what you can expect from us [in return for x]” and then deliver on it, the candidate’s rating of their experience will skyrocket… even when they aren’t hired. So, it makes sense to let the candidate know what will happen if they were to apply or if […]

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If recruiters were required to spend a day (or a week) actually working at just one job for which they are recruiting, what would be gained? A job requiring little training would be the most likely target because few recruiters are skilled enough to do the more difficult or the most complex jobs without extensive […]

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Contributing Authors and Editors: Elaine Orler, Joseph Murphy, Chris Hoyt, Michael Kannisto, Russell Kronenburg, Marvin Smith, Mark McMillan, Kristen Weirick, Sarah White Recruiters, HR Leaders, Job Seekers, nearly everyone who has ever held a job, looked for a job or hired someone for a job has an opinion about “The Candidate Experience.” The irony is […]

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It’s the Customer’s Context not the Employer’s Content that Makes the Difference After examining the website staffing pages for each company on Fortune magazine’s 500 “list”, we concluded that the promise of internet recruiting for the job seeker is still more smoke and mirrors than reality. The candidate experience of the recruiting process on the […]

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