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“SHRM surveyed recruiters and HR professionals who recruited as one of their responsibilities to learn more about their experiences sourcing and hiring job candidates”, according to SHRM’s weekly workplace readings. We downloaded the report, Talent Acquisition – April 18, 2016 and took a look at their key findings. What to like: It’s a great baseline for […]

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Hopefully we are all blessed by doing what we love…but if you can’t, then hopefully we’ve learned to love what we do. That said, our choice of a college years ago, much like choosing our first job involved a host of factors to analyze. We had to be selected. We may or may not have had […]

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For some time now I’ve been challenging the idea that tracking sources related to quality of hire is something that our industry should continue to heavily invest in.  While it’s certainly something many of us have been keeping an eye on for years, one thing is for certain – it’s a mess.  Or if you’ve been keeping […]

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In graduate school we studied (and had plenty of time to calculate by hand) Type 1 (Alpha) and Type 2 (Beta) errors. Translated into Talent Acquisition these errors could be described as follows: Type 1: “What is the probability that you rejected a candidate who would be much more successful than the hire you did […]

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Our Company’s Talent Acquisition strategy may not be well served when we blindly seek the ‘best’ answer from external sources to a challenge that is keeping us up at night. We run the risk in overlooking a fundamental rule that the only absolute measure of good, better and best is internal comparison. John Sumser makes […]

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