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CareerXroads Research: Pre-Employment Drug Screening

With the changes the United States is seeing at a state level with regards to the legal use of recreational and medicinal drugs, companies have an interesting challenge ahead of them when considering pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, companies know that performing drug screening on 100% of their candidates can be […]

Kimberly Clark: Innovators in Employment Branding

Many companies have employment branding challenges… location, misperceptions about the corporate environment, misunderstandings about the type of work that is done, highly competitive positions. For Kimberly-Clark those challenges were multi-faceted: A challenging location in the upper Midwest. A corporate identity that seemed stodgy and stale to millennials. A company image […]

CXR Research and Reports

CareerXroads research tackles questions like: Are large companies moving away from pre-employment drug screening?  Do enterprise organizations seem to be trending away from spending more money on branding agencies?  How are your peers addressing internal mobility at their firms? CareerXroads works with members to research and benchmark through both public and […]

Does Candidate Experience Matter?

With the last year’s survey results and analysis on Candidate Experience just days away from being published, Joe Murphy’s latest blog, Does Candidate Experience Matter?, digs deeper into ‘Why’ a fresh understanding of employers’ treatment of candidates is critical to every stakeholder in Recruiting. And, why it is especially true […]

FindFace: Creepy Tool Every Sourcer Will Want

FindFace, a Russian App (now coming to the US), is one more nail in privacy’s coffin- providing the average Nadia and Boris with CIA/KGB movie technology. This Bloomberg article describes how taking someone’s picture converts immediately to their identity. Sending your Sourcers to professional meetings and conferences with their smartphone to secure active […]

CareerXroads 2017 Colloquium Calendar

In 2017 CareerXroads will conduct nine colloquium meetings for our members.  Each year our topics are determined by votes and feedback from our current membership and while some topics such as Sourcing, Analytics and Operations have become staple events within our annual agenda, there are some upcoming additions and changes to […]