Candidates driven by new motivations

There is a growing level of engagement for employees in organizations that share their values.

A majority of employees around the world say they’re choosing their jobs based not just on salaries and benefits, but also social impact and their personal beliefs, according to data from the Edelman Trust Barometer Report. Having worked at both for-profit and mission-based organizations, I’m not surprised that there is a growing level of engagement for employees in organizations that share their values.

Why it matters: This attitude represents a significant shift that has intensified during the pandemic. In the U.S. and across several other large economies — including China, U.K., Brazil, India, Germany and Japan — a vast majority of people (76%) say they have higher expectations for a prospective employer now than they did three years ago.

Talent Acquisition should take note. This trend could have some far-reaching impacts.

People no longer work to live; they live for their work.

Read more from the source: Axios, Published by: Sara Fischer

Grant Clough

Grant Clough

Grant has over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition and HR systems. Like many, he fell into recruiting while exploring new opportunities with a recruiting agency. Grant's experience includes recruitment, management, and strategy development at several national brands in the public accounting and non-profit industries. Grant has degrees in employment law and accounting from Wake Forest and Clemson Universities.

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