Can We Truly Measure Source of Hire?

Source of Hire (SoH) is a significant metric to determine what percentage of your overall hires entered your talent pipeline from a particular recruitment channel and it has always been a controversial metric within talent acquisition. Conventionally, employers use a multitude of different avenues to advertise their open positions. Categorizing the precise SoH can be both industrious and challenging.

Despite its importance, can we truly measure the influence or performance of a source on our hiring process?

We turned to our CXR community to learn more about how recruitment leaders are classifying and tracking SoH. At CXR, our members understand the importance of monitoring SoH as it relates to identifying and purchasing new tools and technology. Nevertheless, overall, most members don’t understand the technology behind tracking SoH or Source of Performance. Furthermore, there is still some misinterpretation around which source should be considered as the primary touchpoint in the candidate journey. While it’s immeasurably helpful to track metrics, like SoH, understanding the touchpoints and data should be well comprehended before the exact source is identified. 

Our latest CXR Pulse Survey examines this question and its inherent challenges. It is available now for CXR Members in our Research Directory.


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