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A Third Wave of Disruption Challenges How TA “Thinks”

In this CXR Podcast episode, we took a moment after a colloquium meeting to sit with Jen Jenkins, global candidate experience lead at Scotiabank.  Jen is responsible for the candidate experience included within every stage from recruitment through onboarding.  Unlike so many other “candidate experience” leaders, Jen brings a background to recruiting that’s unconventional: Design Research & Strategy.

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In recent years we’ve seen new career paths forged within Talent Acquisition from non-recruiting professionals that took the leap from the fields of marketing and branding (the wave of employer branding), data science (the wave of big data), and what we now predict to be the third wave: design strategy.

Grab a few minutes with us on this short podcast chat to hear Jen’s point of view and why we believe that turning TA processes (and expectations) on its ear under the leadership of Maureen Neglia at Scotiabank is going to turn a lot of heads and inspire change elsewhere throughout our space.

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