How To Join CXR

While participation on the site and a number of CXR eXchanges are free, CareerXroads is predominately made up of talent acquisition leaders and professionals from paying member companies. CXR offers two talent community memberships focused on Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. Combined memberships are also available.

CXR base membership includes:

    • Online access for your entire TA or TM team to any CXR eXchanges, Vendor Ratings Database, all benchmarks and research, webinar and multimedia libraries, meeting content and documents, and much more
    • Two tickets that can be used at CXR meetings during the membership
    • Access to purchase additional meeting tickets throughout the year. Note: meeting tickets are discounted by 10% if purchased at the time of securing the base membership.

Just ask a few of our members…





“Spending time with others who are in my shoes and share the same wins/challenges is invaluable! It is much easier to make authentic connections in this group setting versus a large conference or other meetings.”

Maria M.

“The CXR community is incredibly unique as not only does everyone has an extremely high level of expertise, but they are able to offer this to other members in a humble way, both within the sessions and as an ongoing part of the community!”

Chad G.

“Sharing experiences with peers is invaluable. Not only did we connect with new people but we also learned a huge amount of best practices.”

John L.

“I love that Gerry and Chris are not persuaded by vendor payout that ultimately create a bias. The discussion is real live experiences with no particular push towards any vendor/product. It is great to hear based on those in the room that we are really ahead of the curve!”

Marcus A.

Ready to join? Membership to CXR isn’t just a matter of budget.

Each company is interviewed to make sure that they’ll benefit as much from being a member as the community will benefit from their organization joining.  Interested in seeing if your company and team is a fit for CXR?  Contact us today!